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Welcome to A Vision of Self

Dr. Alma, warmly known to clients, students, and colleagues, is the visionary founder and CEO of A Vision of Self (AVS) Psychological Services, headquartered in the dynamic heart of New York City. With a psychology doctorate and over two decades of clinical expertise, Dr. Alma has etched a lasting impact on children and families both domestically and internationally. Her reach extends to impactful workshops and webinars, advocating for evidence-based approaches to holistic mental health in New York and across Asia.

Renowned for her adept application of proven methods in parenting, communication, and cross-cultural relationships, Dr. Alma emerges as a global, science-driven, yet intuitively gifted healer. A nice blend of expertise and wisdom for all your socio-emotional needs, Eastern practices with Western approaches, she cultivates balanced and compassionate relationships within families and professional settings.

Alma empowers students and employees to achieve success through personalized school and work accommodations. For comprehensive psychological support, entrust Dr. Alma as your steadfast anchor in life, offering a unique blend of expertise and intuition for all your needs. Dr. Alma provides a more balanced and compassionate care, transcending borders and cultures.

Our MISSION Statement

To provide evidence-based, cutting edge, cost-effective psychotherapies tailored to one’s unique mental health needs, at different ages and stages of life. About Us »