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About Us

Dr. Alma wearing yellowA Vision of Self is a trustworthy provider of different psychotherapies and other mental health services for patients across the lifespan. We understand that a person’s health doesn’t just involve their physical well-being but that it also involves their emotional and mental health as well. This is why we strive to provide holistic services that aim to meet all of our client’s needs. We service individuals, couples, and families seeking help.

At A Vision of Self, we offer a multi-cultural approach to:

  1. Evidence-Based Psychotherapies: Cognitive Behavior Therapy; Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  2. Cutting-Edge Psychotherapies: Mindfulness-based psychotherapy and holistic use of plant-based therapeutic grade essential oils
  3. Timely Psychological Evaluations: To determine life-impacting conditions such as Autism and Learning Disabilities
  4. One-Stop Shopping: For individual, couples, and families’ mental health needs; providing individual and group psychotherapies, marital and family counseling.

We invite you to seek the help that you need today. Reach us by calling 646-436-4640 or by sending us a message at

Our MISSION Statement

To provide evidence-based, cutting edge, cost-effective psychotherapies tailored to one’s unique mental health needs, at different ages and stages of life. About Us »